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Welcome to our platform ENTREPRENEUR MARKETPLACE (Marketplace.ONL) which is envisioned as a community of service providers equipped with tools to serve their clients online.

This is not a new idea but there has been a need in the marketplace to have a ENTREPRENEUR platform which has as a goal to make their user’s operation frictionless as much as possible.

We created a working environment, away from social media noise and distractions that will allow coaches, consultants, course creators and instructors, to produce products and offer services in their own private or public social channels equipped with the necessary tools.

We will strive to fuse our member’s expertise with clients and companies that can benefit from those to make all sides WIN.

In order to accomplish that we will provide a whole set of tools available to our members to minimize having them to go to other platforms for different tools.

The simple idea is to provide most of the tools our members need here, in one place which saves them time and money. On top of that we are creating a halal-eco system where visitors to our website are targeted because they are looking for those services offered by our members.

One of the goals of this platform is to help it’s members (like yourself) grow their client base, have repeat sales as well as to expand and scale.

As opposed to other platforms, here you are really building your online asset because if you one day decide to leave this platform, you are taking your email list with you. Your email list is the most valuable asset and you worked hard for it to build it so the only logical and just thing is to make it downloadable to you.

If, for example, you export a Facebook page data, you will NOT have the email addresses of your followers. So if you have build your page for years and decide to leave FB, you cannot take that asset with you because the export file contains follower’s FB links for which again you need FB to use them. For me that entirely defeats the purpose of the export functionality.

You can read more about FB export here and see for yourself.

The purpose of the export functionality should be to transfer the data to some other platform or to use it in an email program. That you cannot do.

Another important point is that on FB you pay once to build your FB page and then you have to pay again and again every time you want to reach your own followers because the organic reach is now less than 1%. So if you have 100K followers, your new post will initially reach up to some 1K page followers.

So ask yourself this question. Am I ready to build something long term where I have to pay over and over again to reach my audience I already put a lot of effort to build? Unless you are ready to keep paying for advertising to reach “YOUR” audience than it does not make sense. Once started as a social media platform now becomes a pay to play network. You have to endure being exposed to a heavy advertising volume to just be on the platform.

How about this platform? On our platform you will have 100% organic reach. Yes, you do not have to pay over and over again to reach your audience.

On top of that your private forum let’s you organize your content by topic so members can quickly and easily find what they are looking for.

We are dedicated to listen to your needs and improve all the tools to make it easier and a more enjoyable experience being here and building with us.

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